Kokilavani is a standalone portable handy listening device apt for listeners of Carnatic music. It is a premium multifunctional Wireless Speaker with an option to listen to music either through the device speaker or through the use of headphones.

KOKILAVANI is a device that comes with Charsur preloaded catalogue. This device is manufactured and customised for the end user to listen to carnatic music via stored memory. It also has a built radio and bluetooth connectivity. Box includes the builtin speaker device, with aux cable, USB cable, Rechargeable battery, Kokilavani Song Guide.  

March 2020 - 27 new albums have been added to Kokilavani. These include live concerts from December Season 2019 - "Mylai to Kanyakumari" and few other releases.


Charsur is a music label/Foundation involved in the preserving and promoting Carnatic music. A few albums has blossomed to 545+ albums / 4425+ tracks and is growing every year. Charsur adds 24 - 30 Albums every year to the catalogue. From great maestros like Madurai Mani to the latest new generation leading artists. Charsur catalogue offers something for everyone and ample riches for music lovers of every stripe.

Charsur Catalogue

  • KUTCHERI - Under this Brand Charsur brings out the Live Concerts by the performing artist of this decade. This brand brings out the strength of each artist, as the live concerts are unedited and un-tampered. Charsur captures the audio recording in a very high digital format of 24 bits.

  • KSETRA - This brand consists of compositions pertaining to famous temples of south India, and the compositions are those which were composed by the great composers and saints when they visited these temples and got inspired and composed.

  • DECEMBER SEASON - live concerts from the madras music festival organized by different Sabhas (organizers) in Chennai (madras) for more than 100 years.

  • PADDHATTI - Live Concert of the great maestros - these concerts are again unedited - acquired from the analog recordings and digitally cleaned and re mastered.

  • RTP - Ragam Tanam Pallavi - this would be one single raaga which is sung elaborately by the artists giving various expressions of the Ragam and creative aspect of the music in different rhythmic patterns.

  • THEMATIC - this brands consists two different themes:

    • the album will feature various compositions of one composer only.

    • the album will based on a particular theme. But various composers. All the compositions chosen in this album would be under the theme chosen for e.g the album Vatsalyam consists of Lullabies composed by various composers. 


  • ONE RAAGA COMPOSITIONS - the album under this brand is based on a particular Ragam bringing out the different flavors of a Ragam. Also the compositions chosen are by various composers, as every composer deals with the same Ragam differently. So the various expression and colors of a Ragam comes out in full.

  • SPIRITUAL - consists of chants and devotional music like bhajans and abhangs

  • SAULABHYAM - explores the traditional, rich namasankirtanam

  • VAGGEYAKARA - this brand is based on compositions of great Composers such as Tyagaraja, Muthuswami Dikshitar, Syama Sastri, Harikesanallur Muthaiah Bhagavatar


Purchase of Kokilavani from Charsur store is non refundable.


The Store enables you to purchase Kokilavani - Preloaded digitized versions of audio recordings, artwork and information relating to such audio recordings, and other content (collectively, "Music Content").


Rights Granted Upon payment for Music Content, we grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the Music Content only for your personal, non-commercial purposes, subject to the Agreement.

Restrictions You must comply with all applicable copyright and other laws in your use of the Music Content. Except as set forth in Section 1.1 above, you may not redistribute, transmit, assign, sell, broadcast, rent, share, lend, modify, adapt, edit, license or otherwise transfer or use the Music Content. We do not grant you any synchronisation, public performance, promotional use, commercial sale, resale, reproduction or distribution rights for the Music Content.

Storage When you purchase Kokilavani, it is activated, preloaded with complete catalogue as decided and listed by Charsur Digital workstation which can be found in “SD Card Slot" DO NOT Remove the card.

All Sales Final - Explicit Content All sales of Kokilavani and its Music Content are final and risk of device damage or loss of SD Card transfers upon sale. We do not accept returns of Kokilavani.Music Content. We have no liability for Music Content you find to be not to your liking

Music Content that comes preloaded with Kokilavani, Sold by Charsur.com is completely copyright of Charsur Digital Workstation


Reservation of Rights; Waiver. The Store and Music Content embodies intellectual property that is protected by law. Music Content copyright owners are intended third-party beneficiaries under the Agreement and may enforce the Agreement against you and invoke all rights under the Agreement including limitations of liability. All licenses granted to you are non-exclusive. Our failure to insist upon or enforce your strict compliance with the Agreement will not constitute a waiver of any of our rights.

Termination; Amendments. Your rights under the Agreement will automatically terminate without notice and without refund of any fees or any other compensation if you fail to comply with its terms. We may amend the Agreement at our sole discretion by posting the revised terms on the Store or on Charsur.com. Your continued use of the Store after any amendment evidences your agreement to be bound by it.

Contact Information For communications concerning the Agreement, please write to info@charsur.com

Severability If any term or condition of the Agreement is deemed invalid, void, or for any reason unenforceable, that part will be deemed severable and will not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining term or condition.


Disputes/Binding Arbitration. Any dispute or claim arising from or relating to the Agreement or the Store is subject to the binding arbitration, governing law, disclaimer of warranties and limitation of liability and all other terms in the Charsur.com You agree to those terms by entering into the Agreement or using the Store.

Charsur Usage Terms

You may purchase KOKILAVANI sold by Charsur only for personal, non-commercial purposes. You must comply with all applicable copyright and other laws in your use of the Music Content sold by Charsur. No synchronisation, public performance, reproduction, distribution or other copyright rights are granted by Charsur.


Shipping cost in India             : Flat shipping cost within India. 

Shipping cost outside India    : Shipping cost will depend upon the location to where KOKILAVANI is shipped..

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